Artificial Intelligence Technology – A Modern Take

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been used as a concept of science fiction stories and movies for decades. In the last few years, scientists have made great breakthroughs in this fictional concept and are very close to its realization in our daily lives. AI involves the creation of “machine learning,” using neural networks, which actually mimic the processes of real neurons found in humans.

Artificial intelligence now has been included as one of the engineering subjects and is one of the most preferred branches of study chosen by the students. A person opting for this branch needs to study   Computer Science as well as, Biology, Linguistics, Mathematics, and Psychology.  With the help of AI, scientists are trying to build computer functions like having almost same human intelligence which is, learning, reasoning, and problem-solving qualities. It is basically a science which is involved in making intelligent machines, with intelligent computer programs. The use of Artificial Intelligence can be seen in developing the following programs on different kind of devices.

  • AI is used to develop games in which the machines play against humans like chess, candy crush etc, where the machine can build different scenarios and number of possible positions, unthinkable by a normal human mind.
  • AI also finds use in developing applications that allows integrating together the machine, software, and the information stored to give reasoning and expert advises to the users.
  • There are certain visions systems built, which can understand and interpret the graphics input on the computer. For example,even a sketchy face of a criminal can be etched out perfectly by using the systems. The spy cams on drones can make out the geography of the area etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence also helps to recognize the speech, background noises, and even change in the voice due to a cough and cold and gives the output in the form of sentences.
  • Its also used in handwriting recognition software, where its ability to read the text written on paper by a pen or on screen by a It can decipher style of script and can convert it into editable text.
  • AI in the field of robotics allows the robots to detect the temperature, any kind of movement, light, heat, any hurdle, sound and pressure. Their fast and efficient processors, different kind of sensors and enormous memory let them show their intelligence. These Robots are able to learn from their mistakes and even make necessary corrections.

These are not the only areas where the use of Artificial Intelligence is seen. There uses in different areas are unlimited and unthinkable at this point in time. The whole AI development process is speeding up and they can be already seen performing operations on patients and are even touted to replace lawyers one day. Their handling of big data makes them do complex tasks which cannot be done by a human being.  Though the technology continues at a nascent stage we expect many complicated and sophisticated machines out of the research labs in the near future.

This fast pace technology has already made huge inroads in different areas and helping humans in different fields of work. Some of these are the following:

  1. Transportation

Companies are already into the making of self-automated cars, which does not need a driver at its wheel. Though a means of transportation currently need a driver for safety, but sooner with more technological advancement the needs will also be done away with.  AI will soon be handling other areas of transportation like trains and buses.

  1. Artificial Implant Technology

With the use of this technology, humans can win over the limitations of their own body and enhance many of their natural abilities. AI finds great use for physically disabled people.  This will allow the patient to have more control, as the brain then can commune with a robotic limb, making their lives much more independent.

  1. Braving hazards

 Dangerous and hazardous jobs which endanger a human life can be done with these smart robots like bomb diffusing, saving human lives in floods etc.

  1. Solution to Climate change

The robots with unlimited data handling capacity, can use the data collected by the satellites and can identify trends in the change in climate to solve one of the biggest world’s problem. Though it seems impossible today, scientists are working towards this as well.

  1. Robot friends
  2. We take robots as expressionless devices that are devoid of any human feelings and emotions and it’s very hard to imagine treating them as human friends.   But Robot friends are already made and marketed by a Japanese company, which is able to understand and feel human emotions. It is able to develop its own feelings, read human emotions and keep the surrounding people happier. More work has been done in this area and we can expect better and more hi-tech robots in the market in future. 
  1. Help in elder care

 Taking care of seniors dealing with age-related problems is a tough task. They have to either depend on family or professional services to carry on with their day to day life.  Scientists are using this technology to bring out home robots to reduce their dependency on others and who can help them with their daily chores allowing them to become self-determining without any persons help in their house even alone.

At this point of time, we lack that foresight to know what will be the accurate future of Artificial Intelligence, but it is quite clear with the kind of work happening in this field that living with an AI is soon-to-be a reality, a normal activity the same way we use tablets or smartphones. This may bring a lot of changes in the society, as humans will be replaced by these friendly robots doing a different kind of jobs for us. But the field of AI is so exciting that professionals across a manifold of businesses are looking for ways and means to incorporate this technology.