App to identify unknown numbers, all privacy risks

How caller number identification systems work, which inform us of the identity of who is contacting us even if they are not in our address book. A service often at no cost, the price of which is our privacy and that of our contacts. What changes after the entry into force of the GDPR and how to defend yourself Reverse phone number lookup app free.

As useful as they are dangerous for privacy. They are the increasingly popular mobile apps with which it is possible to discover the identity of the unknown numbers that call us.

Strong temptation to use them. We are now inundated with advertising calls from network operators, energy companies, gas, forex and all kinds of commercial proposals. It would certainly be interesting to know in advance, before answering, the details of who is calling us. We would be able to understand if the call comes from some “nuisance” and reject it, without wasting time hearing what it is, or even knowing without having answered the name and surname of the telephone users who are calling us even if they are not.

Reverse phone number lookup app free


The solution is indeed there, there are several, all more or less efficient in recognizing the caller’s number and informing us about his identity.

An application that is installed on your phone and which has a database of hundreds of millions of users obviously not only Italian, which is able to consult every time a phone call arrives to inform us about the possible name and surname of the caller. The application is not limited to the registry but often also provides us with data on the possibility that the calling user is a call center and therefore can annoy us with purchase proposals, so that we can safely refuse the call.

How much does such a service cost ? Nothing: just install the application, or access the website through your Google account, to be able to draw on the millions of numbers that Truecaller has learned to recognize. We will see shortly that in reality the cost of these services is not really nil, because even if not economically, those who use it pay with another currency, that of their privacy and their contacts.

New applications or websites have come out, which for the modest sum of one dollar provides unlimited access to an archive of cellular and fixed user data from around the world , taken by crossing databases of other services. more or less clearly identified. The graphical interface is not the best but the service is efficient and for most of the mobile numbers it is possible to know the owner.