Reliable Corporate Registry With The Best Recommended ACRA Business Profile

The accounting and corporate regulatory authorities are highly responsible for the regulation of financial reporting, business registration, corporate service accounting, and public accountants. The ultimate aim of the company is to provide reliable corporate registry and capital markets data to the customers so that they can easily fetch all the details of the company’s profile as well as entity insights. All companies conducting business in Singapore mandatorily need to register themselves with ACRA.

ACRA business profile mainly focuses on protecting the company, employees, and customers. it ensures the registration of new businesses is rightly done, helps to keep track of the ongoing businesses, and checks whether businesses are closed down properly when they cease to exist. Keep reading to find out about the best company that ensures a reliable corporate registry. They need to manage and plan their business structure and take the vital steps to register the company with ACRA.

Introduction to handshakes

Handshakes, is a company that was founded in 2011. It is an award-winning data technology company that is located in seven cities and is still working constantly to expand it is business and presence all over the globe. The company is completely trusted and used by regional regulators, public sector agencies, and financial institutions all over the globe.

Handshakes are responsible for delivering their client’s meaningful insights, harnessed from reliable data so that the customers can make safer and more informed decisions. Their main headquarters are located in Singapore and they have a presence in 6 other cities, including Australia, Hong Kong, Penang, Hanoi, and Kuala Lumpur.

What are the different solutions provided by handshakes?

With visualized insights, you can easily conduct due diligence and entity research. Their team can quickly produce data reports and background checks. It can intelligently process large amounts of text. You can get the right insights into Asia’s corporate landscape. It helps to combine public and private data to uncover new insights. They manage and collect all necessary data from all employees involved with the company. It ensures that all businesses in Singapore are assigned a unique entity number for ease of operation. ACRA is in charge of the company and public accountant regulation.

The ACRA business profile is mandatory for all types of companies for the smooth conduct of business. This includes all legal structures of businesses. They need to go through the steps to register their business profile with ACRA.