The Comparison between Xbox 360 and Xbox One

The Xbox 360 was initiated back in 2005, and since then, the gaming world has completely transformed. Xbox 360 transformed the arena with its remarkable speed. It provided the gaming world cutting-edge experiences which resulted in a marriage between motion sensor technology and smart graphics.

After it enjoyed a successful run for decades, Xbox 360 is on standby to bid adieu. Microsoft has stopped supporting this legendary gaming support, and now it concentrates on Xbox Live Gold free that runs on better technology and provides a greater gaming experience.

However, the Xbox 360 has managedto remain on top while many gamers still recognize it as the best gaming product among other platforms. However, the question remains, whether Xbox 360 has what it takes to overshadow the Xbox Live Gold free. The following debate illustrates the best gaming product between those two products.

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The cost difference between those products

The 250 GB variant of Xbox 360 is available on the online market at about 75 pounds. While the Xbox One comes at a price of 240 pounds. The Xbox One is more expensive compared to the Xbox 360 since it offers extra features and also delivers a remarkable performance. Therefore, many gamers believe the cost difference between the Xbox 360 and Xbox One is justified.

Designs of these two products

As far as appearance is concerned, the Xbox 360 appears small before a giant shadow castby the huge Xbox One. The Xbox Live Gold free is 33cm in width and 7.5 cm in height. The bigger size of the Xbox One is due to the decision of Microsoft to support more space for breathing so that it does not experience overheating problems which is commonly experienced with the Xbox 360. Likewise, the Xbox 360 Kinect is slimmer compared to Kinect of Xbox one.

Performance, RAM, and CPU

The Xbox 360 is boosted by the triple-core 3.2 GHz processor while the Xbox One is powered by the massive 8-core processor. The processor is founded on a series of AMD Jaguar chips. This specification makes it clear that Xbox One is 3 times much powerful compared to the Xbox 360. Efficiency differences become a lot clearer if you focus on the 8GB of RAM.

Games library of both product

Since the Xbox 360 has been on the market for over a year, it ensures that it contains an expansive game collection. By considering its compilation, it ensures that it can withstand the transformation of the gaming arena for just a couple of decades and even more.

A current library of games for the Xbox One may appear limited, but it should be noted that this support will be in the market for an extended period. It ensures that as time goes by, the Xbox One library games will only get richer and bigger.

Alist of exclusive games for the Xbox One increases each day, and various developers are concentrating on making game versions that are efficient for this support.

Multimedia features of these two products

The Xbox One has been listed as the ultimate entertainment solution, and also, its features support these claims. The Xbox One application comprises several entertainment channels like Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Netflix. It’s backed with Window 10 OS as well. Therefore, it gives the opportunity to enjoy the abundance of most apps on the devices.

The features and gaming experience quality shows that the Xbox 360 cannot be compared to the massive Xbox One. A legend and the most famous gaming product that ever been created in gaming history, the Xbox 360 is currently indicating its age, and it lags behind to adapt to the developing gaming world.

The Xbox One has a good future which is equipped with a cutting-edge processor that pumps a terrific high-quality and powered graphics that provides the best gaming experience.

The only aspect that is gaining Xbox Live Gold free is its high cost. However, if you look forward to a more integrated and better gaming experience, the Xbox One is a perfect choice. You can find more information by clicking this link.