Why You Should Not Use Instagram Bots

Organic means its not artificial, its natural. So if you encounter a term called natural growth, it simply means that the growth was not altered to affect the natural order of things. Not bending the rules so to speak. As far as Instagram is concerned, organic growth (if you aim to have many followers) can be tasking. Instagram is not the problem, the problem is the human factor in all of this. Because when people see your post because of a hashtag, they will have an option to like and follow you.

It’s easy to get likes, but it’s not easy to get followers. That is because the following is another thing, its personal. Whereas likes can be just a very simple tap of a finger. There’s a good reason why many people are hell-bent on getting more Instagram followers and that is for exposure. If you have a business or you‘re your own brand, getting more exposures on very popular social media places is very welcoming since it gives you more followers and potential profit as well. There are very easy ways to get more followers and that is through a bot that gives followers almost instantaneously.

The problem with bots: The problem with bots is that it has no heart. It will give you instant followers in IG but can’t help you maintain it. This is because the last verdict or decision is still within the bounds of the user, whether or not they will follow you. Its a good idea at first but it won’t guarantee that you will maintain those followers. This is because the people didn’t follow by choice and since they have control of their account, they have an option to unfollow back.

Followers on Instagram

Why organic is important: Using the high road or the organic way of doing things allows for more willing followers, since they saw your post and saw your profile, liked them and decided to follow you. The only problem is that these things take too long to. If you targeted more than a thousand followers within a month, it’s actually not a very realistic goal. It’s going to take you some time and it will require more effort from you and more time as well.

You should know that there are already services that are being offered today. Including, doing the legwork to attain a more organic Instagram growth. There are companies that hate Instagram bots and they offer their services to boost your Instagram followers in a more organic way. Why you should hire them? Simple, because by having an organic growth, you will have more loyal and legitimate Instagram followers. In Instagram its not just about getting more followers, its also about how you’re able to maintain those followers to keep following you. If you like that and you wish to get more followers, don’t buy Instagram followers using bots. Click the link to know more about the service.